Aharoni’s Owl

Latin Name Bubo bubo interpositus
Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae
IUCN status Not globally threatened but becoming more rare
Habitat Remote rocky area, river valleys,open forest, Steppe to semi-desert.
Distribution Europe across to Russia to Pacific, south to Iran, From Pakistan to China and Korea

General Information

Large ear tufts and bright orange eyes are characteristic of this owl. Hunts mammals from shrews to foxes and young deer. Lay eggs on a cliff edge or sheltered ground depression. The young are independent at 24 weeks old.

Fun Fact

This owl’s plumage changes throughout its range becoming paler from north to south. Also it’s size decreases east to west.

Keeper Notes

At present there are only two pairs of Aharoni’s in captivity in the UK.