Brown Wood Owl

Latin Name Strix leptogrammica
Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae
IUCN status Not globally threatened but uncommon throughout its range
Habitat Low tropical forest
Distribution S India, Sri Lanka, S Myanmar, Borneo and Sumatra

General Information

A medium to large owl without ear tufts, dark eyes in a paler facial disc. The chest feathers show fine barring. Hunts small birds, mammals and reptiles.

Little is known about its breeding habits other than 1 or 2 eggs are laid January to April and incubation is 30 days.

Fun Fact

Some rice farmers on the Malayan peninsula are using nest boxes to attract this wood owl so encouraging it keep down the numbers of rats and insects threatening their crops.

Keeper Notes

The most distinct feature is these owls have pale blue beaks and eyelids.