Milky Eagle Owl (aka Verreaux’s Eagle Owl)

Latin Name Bubo lacteus
Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae
IUCN status Least concern
Habitat Varied from dry savannah, open woodland, grasslands, marshes and floodplains
Distribution Sub-saharan Africa (absent from Namibian desert and rain-forest) from sea level up to altitude of 3,000m

General Information

Africa’s largest owl and the female is larger than the male. This is an imposing bird with large ear tufts and conspicuous pink eyelids on a white facial disc. The female can weigh up to 3kg with the male lighter about 2kg.

They prefer large trees in open woodland adjacent to flood plans for nesting.
Known to hunt birds as large as herons or wade into water to fish!

Fun Fact

Pink eyelids are thought to be for attracting partners.

Keeper Notes

Potentially a breeding pair Mazai (female) and Zimb (male) are yet to show much interest in each other. We will try to exchange one owl with another park if they do not lay eggs soon.