Fallow Deer

Latin Name Dama dama
Class Mammalia
Order Cetartiodactyla
Family Cervidae
IUCN status Least concern
Habitat Grasslands and mixed woodland
Distribution Native to west Eurasia but introduced widely elsewhere

General Information

The male is a buck, the female a doe and the young a fawn which is born in late spring. They have a variety of 4 colours from nearly white to nearly black. The most common is chestnut with white spots these are more pronounced in the summer coat.

These large herds of deer are often spotted around the New Forest. They have a rather complicated history in the Uk but it has been believed for many years that the Normans introduced them into the UK for hunting in the royal forests.

Fallow deer are now widespread throughout the UK and Europe.

Fun Fact

A fallow buck’s antlers are called palmate or spoon antlers as they have a large flat area like a palm or spoon.

Keeper Notes

We have a herd of 50 plus fallow deer and within that group are a few tame deer.

Apricot, Storm, Spirit and Peach are all wild born deer and subsequently abandoned.

We take great pleasure in bringing up these young fawns and eventually introducing them to our established herd. Due to necessary human contact they are unable to return to the wild.

Peach was a 2013 rescue who arrived with a very badly damaged hind leg - possibly she had been trapped in a fence.

However, she survived and now is an important personality in the herd.