How long does the visit last?

Generally school groups arrive between 10-10.30 a.m. and leave between 2-2.30 p.m. These timings are flexible.

Is there somewhere we can have lunch?

Yes, you are allocated a classroom with your visit. This is yours for the duration of the visit. We also have a picnic area the children can eat in on fine days.

Where are the toilets?

There are toilets up near the classroom - two for boys and two for girls. Please note there are no toilets through the gate where the animals are.

How can we pay?

You can pay on the day or we can invoice after your visit.

Will a guide be with us for the duration of the visit?

Yes, for the duration of the visit except at lunch time.

Does the guide have full charge of the tour and any classroom sessions?

Yes the guide leads the tour and classroom sessions but the teachers are ultimately responsible for the children.