Early Years Nature Trail

Suitable for the early years foundation stage and children aged three to five years, this trail allows children to explore the environment around them and gain first-hand experiences through active involvement.

Children learn to solve real-life problems, exploring issues related to conservation and sustainability along the way.

Story Trail

Younger children aged three and a half to five years can learn through the excitement and enjoyment of story.

The children meet some of our resident animals, becoming characters in the story and learning about the different habitats, diets, behaviour and characteristics of the animals they meet.

Nature Trail

On this trail, children from five to 15 years old can learn about natural food chains, herbivores, carnivores, producers and consumers, and the web of life.

The children are encouraged to think about the impact of man’s activities on the natural world and the need to recycle materials to preserve our precious resources.

Through meeting our animals and hearing about conservation issues, the session will help them to appreciate why wildlife protection is vital to the conservation and sustainable development of our world.