Closure of Chestnut Centre December 31st 2017

Carol and Roger Heap, owners of Chestnut Centre, wish to announce the centre will be closed permanently from December 31st 2017 unless it continues under separate new management.

Carol and Roger have decided to semi-retire and take a back seat allowing their son Ed (General Manager) and his wife Clare (Veterinarian) to continue running and developing their other two sites - New Forest Wildlife Park in Hampshire and Battersea Park Children's Zoo London.

All the Chestnut Centre animals and birds will be re-located to the New Forest Wildlife Park where they will be continue to be cared for by experienced keepers under Carol and Roger's direction. Some of the owls will be moved to the National Centre for Birds of Prey, Helmsley, Yorkshire which is owned and run by their elder son Charlie and his wife Vicki.

Originally Carol and Roger assisted in ensuring the wild otter population in the United Kingdom was afforded legal protection (1st January 1978 under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and later through the the aims of the Otter Trust of which Roger was a trustee and a council member.

Over the years they have cared for and returned to the wild over 200 otters cubs, countless owls and birds of prey including peregrine falcons and osprey. This work will continue at New Forest Wildlife Park along with their involvement with local and international conservation projects relating to otters.

They would like to thank all the school, groups and visitors who have supported them over the years.

Thanks go to all the rescue centre, wildlife trusts, local vets and members of the public who have brought in native wildlife and in particular the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital in Cheshire.

Any members of the public with valid season tickets, adoption certificates and keep experiences please contact for further details.