There is free parking at the Chestnut Centre and the wildlife gift shop and coffee shop are open to non-Park visitors.

Dog owners

Due to our herd of free-ranging fallow deer as you enter the park, we are unable to permit dogs into the Chestnut Centre grounds.  This is for the safety of both the dogs and the deer.

Disabled visitors

We welcome wheelchair users, those using mobility scooters and their carers (where required), and offer them free admission to the park.

However, due to the nature of the terrain, wheelchair users, mobility scooter users and others with limited mobility may have difficulty accessing some of our grounds.

The Chestnut Centre is located in the natural surroundings of the High Peak, Derbyshire, which is very hilly. Our Nature Trail is approximately ¾ mile long and includes gradients of varying degrees of severity, as well as steps.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters can access parts of the grounds with care, enabling disabled visitors to see the free-ranging deer, five species of owls, four species of otters (including giant otters), polecats and pine marten. Regrettably access to the Scottish wildcats, red foxes and some species of owls may be limited.

Please note that access to the toilets in the old barn is not suitable for some large motorised wheelchairs and there is also a cobbled area.

As well as free entry to visitors with mobility scooters and wheelchairs, we offer discounts to children and adults with disabilities or special educational needs, and their carers. See our prices section for further information.

Please telephone us on 01289 8814019 if you require further information and we will be happy to answer your queries.