Feeding times

Are owls really wise? What do otters like to eat?

Join our experienced keepers for their regular talks throughout the day. Hear all about our fascinating animals and see them being fed.

The Follow the Keeper tour starts at approximately 12.30pm at the pine marten enclosure and continues on to the European polecats and four species of otters, including the playful Asian short-clawed otters and impressive giant otters. You can join this tour at any time.

The keepers then move on to the deer meadow to feed the fallow deer at approximately 1.30pm.  (please note these times are all subject to change should unforeseen situations develop i.e. rescue animals bought in). We advise you check on arrival or before you visit for up-to-date feeding times.

2.30pm Scottish wildcats feeding
3.00pm Asian short-clawed otters (Lower Trail near snowy owls)

Please note that times may vary if keepers have to attend to animal emergencies. During the school holidays our visitors like to ask lots of questions, so please bear with the keepers if they are delayed. To avoid disappointment follow the keepers at the start of their rounds.

Have a favourite animal?

If you’re keen to see a particular animal please let us know. Our friendly keepers will be happy to help when they can.